Sunday, June 2, 2019

Essay Comparing Masks in A Dolls House and The Stranger (The Outsider) :: comparison compare contrast essays

Masks in A Dolls House and The Stranger         In the real world there exist many divers(prenominal) people, of different races and ages, each one unique.  Some live secluded lives with few friends and others live very rich and complex lives surrounded by friends and acquaintances.  No matter what example of life is led it is human nature to adjust ones external spirit to suit the specific situation, much like putting on and removing different masks.  concourse tend to be polite and respectful to others in public even though they may non know the person well or not care for  them, yet behind closed doors that mask may disappear and their true feelings may come to the surface.  People may adjust their external deportment and attitudes when around others because they may not like their true selves and either want to change themselves or just merely fit in with society and be liked by others.  Another mask that is often w orn is the powerful and superior one and so  to feel superior when among others pushes them around and becomes a bully.  This said(prenominal) person could be gentle, nice and kind when around family but may feel the need to appear superior around other people.  This form of adjusting ones personality or mask to suit a situation in life, is also common among characters in news, dramas, and other forms of literature.  In certain characters it is evident in the novel  The Stranger  and the play A Dolls House  .   In some instances it is quite easy to notice but other times it may be uncorrectable to identify the changes in characters masks as the changes slowly develop throughout the plot.         A form of mask wearing was found at the beginning of the novel The Stranger, where Meursault goes to the brink to go swimming and meets Marie Cardona.  She was lying on a float when Meursault was swimming towards i t. She turned toward him.  Her hair was in her eyes and she was laughing.(20)  Later on when both Meursault and Marie go swimming together She laughed the whole time,(20) and then on the dock while they were drying themselves off Marie playfully says Im darker than you.(20)  She puts on a type of giggly, flirty mask when around Meursault, believably

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